MP visits arable farm to find out about pressures faced by Daventry’s farming community

It’s not every day your local MP comes to visit you for a farm walk. However, that’s exactly what Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris did recently.

Following an invitation from Yelvertoft farming duo Andrew and Milly Fyfe, Chris took them up on their offer to better understand the pressures faced by Daventry’s local farming community.

The couple were keen to talk about the increase in rural crime in the area, how current and future farming policies are impacting on farm businesses as well as the toll on emotional and mental health. Milly Fyfe commented ‘We felt that it was really important that Chris understood the realities of what farming life was like locally and what goes on behind the scenes to produce food to feed the nation’. ‘We want to ensure that farming is represented and understood well within government and that more people feel connected to food producers in the UK’.

Andrew and Milly Fyfe farm 500 acres in Yelvertoft with 100 beef suckler cows, 300 breeding ewes, arable crop and a few rare breed pigs too.

Pictured is Andrew and Milly Fyfe showing Chris Heaton-Harris MP around the farm

Full story can be seen in the Daventry Express Newspaper online and in print here:

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