Wastie Apples

I’m so proud of my family heritage.

The Wastie’s of Eynsham were famous apple breeders. My great-great grandfather Fred Wastie developed different apple varieties, working with the Royal Horticultural Society. You can read more about the history of how the Wastie apples came about here: http://www.longmeadwildlifesite.org.uk/famous-eynsham-apple-growers.html

What’s really fascinating is the work my Dad is undertaking to keep the varieties alive. These are the varieties that he either has or the Bernwode nursery keeps.

Caudal MarketLane’s Prince Albert x Hambledon Deux Ans
Eynsham ChallengerBlenheim Orange x Lord Derby
Eynsham DumplingBlenheim Orange x Sandringham
JenniferDuchess Favourite x Beaty of Bath
Jennifer WastieRibton Pippin x Barnack Beauty
Old FredAllington x Court Pendu Plat
Oxford BeautyGascoynes Scarlet x Scarlet Nonpareil
Oxford ConquestBlenheim Orange x Court Pendu Plat
Oxford HoardSturmers Pippin x Golden Russet
Oxford SunriseCox’s Orange Pippin x Lane’s Prince Albert
Oxford YeomanBlenheim Orange x Lane’s Prince Albert
Peggy’s PrideAllingtons Pipp x Golden Spire
Red ArmyChatleys Kernel x Worcester Permain
Sergeant PeggyBlenheim Organe x Gloria Mundi

We’ve even got some of the young trees in our farm Orchard. Very fitting when our farm is called ‘Orchard Farm’!

But whilst there are many varieties listed above, there are still many missing. Partly because the original orchard was built on by the Witney to Oxford A40 trunk road. And because more prolific, commercial varieties became in favour.

Missing varieties include:

August Dualtest, Colonel Wastie, Comrade Wastie, Cyril’s Pride, Dispossessed Farmer, Early Woodstock, Eynsham Abbey, Eynsham Beauty, Eynsham Causeway, Eynsham Cross, Eynsham Queen, Eynsham Russett, Eynsham Star, Fred’s Conquest, Fred’s Favourite, Fred’s Reward, Golden Glow, Green Howard, High Sheriff Wastie, Improved King of the Pippins, Jennifer’s Charm, Jennifer’s Joy, Jennifer’s Pride, Kid’s Orange, Orange Newton, Oxford Abundance, Oxford Comrade, Oxford Filler, Oxford Friend, Oxford Heft, Oxford Hussar, Oxford Pippin, Oxford Russett, Oxford Surprise, Peggy Wastie, Peggy’s Favourite, Quince Aroma, Summer Blush, Tony’s Wonder, Wastie’s Allington Image, Wastie’s Comrade, Wastie’s Late Nonesuch, Wastie’s Late Worcester, Wastie’s Pseudo Blenheim, Wastie’s Red Bramley, Wastie’s Winner Woodstock, Keeper Woodstock Seedling. 48 in total.

So I’m hoping that together with my Dad we can find more of these lost varieties one day 🍏

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