From 14th – 18th February, The Farm Safety Foundation has been highlighting the challenges facing the farming community and dispelling the myths and stigmas surrounding mental health through a campaign called #MindYourHead

As a Farm Safety Foundation ambassador and somebody who has experienced the difficulties surrounding rural isolation and loneliness, even before the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been keen to highlight the fact that anyone can be affected with mental health issues at any time, probably when you least expect it.

By speaking out, I hope that it helps in some small way to make a difference and encourage others to seek the support during dark or difficult times. It also helps me to channel my energy and create a positive feeling that I’m doing something meaningful to help others.

And so, whilst I wouldn’t say that things are 100% for me now, I like to show my support to the wonderful charity that is the Farm Safety Foundation by not only hosting the film crew to create the 2022 campaign video, but I was fortunate to produce a piece with Emma Baugh of BBC Look East to raise awareness of the #MindYourHead campaign, which aired on 15/2 on BBC News.

Here’s the final piece recorded on BBC Look East…

And here is the campaign video, filmed at home on the farm. I even feature briefly, cast as the Farmers Wife…

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